Guest Expressed: “5 Stupidest Halloween Costumes For Dogs”

I’ve written about stupid Halloween costumes before. I’ve written about stupid pet items before, too. It was about time to combine them.

Today’s guest is Jessica Conars and she’ll give us her thoughts on some pretty stupid Halloween costumes for dogs.

Enter Jessica:

Whoever said that the tradition of dressing up for Halloween is dead and forgotten? Honestly, it has never been more alive! Just look at these dogs and see just how well and alive it really is! Dressing up your dog in a ridiculous getup and parading it around town like it was a Bart Simpson float – if that is not the Halloween spirit I don’t know what is! Just take a gander at these here mongrels and witness first hand the cruelty of Man and all its unholy glory.

5. The Bat-Dog

Can you imagine anything more silly than a dog wearing a Batman costume? As if there could by anyone else but Christian Bale portraying the “Caped Crusader”. I can understand the whole premise of a dog-bat superhero, but a dog-bat billionaire? That is something that I find truly comical.

4. Super Mario Dogs

There is nothing funnier than a fat plumber trying to get the girl; especially when it involves him doing physical exercise. But a dog Super Mario? That is just bad gameplay, or it would be if anyone was drunk enough to cast a four legged Italian stereotype down people’s throats. One should rather sue the people who can do such a thing to a poor, defenseless animal. But we do have to admit, Super Mario Dogs sounds just as catchy as the prequel.

3. Dogula

Dracula Dog


“I will suck your blood for dressing me like this! Ruff” – is what this adorable puppy would say if it was asked how it felt to be dressed in the most comical manner possible. I do respect Dracula and all he stands for, but if he knew about this trampling of his image, he would undoubtedly turn Catholic and begin missionary work overseas. I mean come on; just look into this mutt’s cold, soulless eyes and tell me he is not cursing the day they dressed him up in such a ridiculous getup.

2. Dogzilla

Not all Asian jokes have to involve crazy natives eating the local dog population, or making them into Prada handbags. All you need is a pair of green garbs, some construction paper and a “willing” dog to transform your ordinary house pet into Japan’s worst nightmare! May I present for your approval, the all powerful Dogzilla. He is well over 3 feet tall and his roar can can wake up even the deepest sleeping neighbor.

1. Star Wars (Featuring Dogs)

If we put aside Chewbacca and all the Ewoks from the third one, we can see that furry little critters have no place in outer space. Not only are we looking at another Jar Jar catastrophe, but what good are dogs when a guy in a black suit is choking you, using nothing but his mind? Honestly, even Yoda will find that amusing and ask George Lucas if he had taken his medication on time. Absurdity at its finest, if you ask me. What is next? Darth Poodle?

Author bio: Jessica Conars loves to write on different topics about entertainment. She works a part time job at and she has a lot of time to write for her readers.

10 thoughts on “Guest Expressed: “5 Stupidest Halloween Costumes For Dogs”

  1. I’m sorry. I kept getting distracted by the photos. I’d read a bit, then stare again at the photos.
    Those dogs are adorable! Who wouldn’t want to dress up their pooch for Halloween!?!

    We can’t dress up our dogs though… they eat the costumes.
    Funny post Jessica! I always enjoy your guests Daniel!!


  2. omg, this is hilarious! my son was over my shoulder while I was reading this. He likes the Star Wars ones and thinks our dog should be Darth. I have to say we do dress our dog up on Halloween. *hides face* BUT NEVER ANY OTHER TIME I SWEAR! I’m not a dog dresser-upper. He’s usually a bumble bee every year. I’m not too creative. I bought it once and he can keep wearing it cuz it’s so damn cute on him.
    Great post, Daniel. 🙂


    • Well you have Jessica, the guest poster, to thank for today’s entertainment.

      But glad you enjoyed the post!

      As for you dressing up your dog for Halloween…I will not judge you. I will leave that up to higher powers! They frown upon these things, I’m sure!


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