Writerly updates

It’s been almost four months since my bold announcement about decreased focus on blogging and increased focus on freelancing for other sites.

“Was it worth it?” asked exactly none of you.

The short answer is: Yes!

The long answer is: Yes!

Why waste more words? Wasting words is for those who can’t say what they need to in just one single, solitary word, and instead end up writing long sentences explaining things in far too much detail, because they’re unable to wrap things up neatly, or don’t know what a “full stop” is. That joke got stupid after the first comma, but that didn’t stop me from finishing it, did it? That’s dedication, folks.

Since my renewed focus on pitching for other sites, I’ve written an animal article for Listverse, a chemical reactions article for Cracked, and finished a few more, as-yet-unpublished articles.

Additionally, amid all of this writing extravaganza (yes, I consider writing a couple of articles an “extravaganza,” shut up), there has been an unexpected, and pretty huge development: I have been hired as a freelance editor for Listverse.com. Yup, you can even see my beautiful face on that “About” page.

One of the Cracked workshop moderators, Micah, happens to be the editor-in-chief at Listverse. In early November, he announced in the Cracked forums that Listverse was seeking editors. I applied. So did over 90 others. After an audition and five trial edits, three of us were hired.

MK Battle Scorpion Sub-Zero

This image is in no way related to the audition in question.

I am really happy and humbled to have made it. Especially since I have no formal editing experience or training. What I’m saying is: I’ve duped Listverse into hiring a total novice. Suckers. (Just kidding. If anyone from Listverse is reading this, please don’t fire me. Wait until I replace all words in an article with Satanic chants. Then you can fire me.)

Speaking of Listverse.com—read it. It’s filled with thematic top ten lists on all sorts of subjects. All of them are thoroughly researched and backed by solid sources. Or, better still, why don’t you try and write for Listverse? Literally anybody with a good list idea can do it, and get paid in the process. What’s not to love? That was a rhetorical question, please don’t send me a detailed opus on why Listverse is the devil and corrupts our children.

My only regret is that I don’t have as much time and energy to dedicate to the blog. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you all. It’s just that I think we should…see other people, you know? However, I’m always on the lookout for more “WTF Report” content, so if you stumble upon something worthy of the “WTF” title—let me know. I’ll even give you a shout out if I end up writing about your topic.

On that note, I leave you with a bad lip reading of Ron Paul’s speeches:

The BLR guys do a lot of this stuff, and most of it is hilarious. Go watch.

18 thoughts on “Writerly updates

  1. Oh man, this kind of makes me sad. Not the part about how you’re a newly successful extravaganza type person now. But the fact that you write run-on sentences and you’re funny and I just found you only to read your dedication to this blog and my personal happiness is taking a back seat to some other nonsense. It’s unfortunate, to say the least. To say the most, it’s straight up bullsh!t. 😉


    • Well, seeing how you’re a fan of run-on sentences, I will take this opportunity to provide you with another one, and assure you that, despite the decreased focus on the blog, I am in no way leaving it for good, which means that there are still plenty of posts to look forward to and read, so you can rejoice in that knowledge and sleep peacefully.

      Good to hear you’re enjoying the blog! Hint: If you give me a good topic for a “WTF Report,” I’m more than likely to write a post about it.


  2. Woot! Go, you! That is awesome news, Daniel. Way to go!

    Just one question: if you’re spending all your time over there, who’s running things on this blog? Django or Pebbles? 🙂


    • Thanks a lot. I’m really happy about it.

      To answer your question: In a cruel Shyamalan-esque twist, Django and Pebbles were behind this blog all along. There is no Daniel. The cake is a lie. Catch me if you can. Words.


  3. I did want to know if it was worth it and I’m thrilled it was! You are so talented Daniel- I’m not at all surprised that you were picked out of such a large crowd of potential applicants. You have experience in editing your own work, you understand content and how to convey information, and you are brilliant. (I’m not just sucking up here- I really believe so.)

    I’m glad you’ll still be doing your WTF reports and I assume letting us know when you have content posted on Cracked and elsewhere.

    I’m just beaming for you- like a proud mother. You know, if I were your mother. I’m not having fantasies about it or anything- it just kind of came out like that and I didn’t want to control the thought because in all honesty, I think it’s a nice thought. In a creepy kind of way, maybe. Son.

    That BLR report is friggin hilarious! And thanks too for the link to Listverse. I checked out your cool bio on the about page (it’s what any mother would do) and shouted… “I knew Daniel when he was only blogging really funny stuff and now he’s an editor and article writer….”

    You still love us, I can tell, even if you aren’t here as much.



    • Thanks so much for all the kind words. If I was capable of showing human emotion I’d be blushing. But editors at Listverse aren’t allowed to have feelings. It’s in our contracts.

      I sure do love my readers, and this blog ain’t going anywhere.


  4. That’s really terrific, Daniel. Well done! And yes, your little head over there is quite beautiful. If only you’d included Django and Pebbles in your headshot, because, you know, that would be really professional.

    Good luck!


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