Gift giving is a science

You thought your grandpa liked that singing fish you gave him? The one that sounds like a demon from another dimension? Think again!

My third Cracked article shows you exactly how terrible we are at the whole “giving gifts” thing.

I can’t claim much credit for this article, though. I have only contributed two entries to it, and only one of them made it into the published article. And it was heavily edited (read, “re-written”). So all credit goes to sir Alan Boyle and, as always, the awesome Cracked editors.

Now go learn just how useless we humans are with gifts:

5 Weird Psychological Dangers of Giving People Gifts

2 thoughts on “Gift giving is a science

  1. I’m very lucky with #3. My husband is a fantastic gift buyer. Well, for me, anyway. He doesn’t seem interested in shopping for anyone else. And that suits me just fine. His dad was a great gifter, too, so it must be in the genes. Let’s hope my sons get it, too. They’ll have very happy wives who feel important and well-loved. 🙂

    Great article, as always. Have a great holiday!


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