Oh no, they didn’t (say that)

The Internet loves to share funny news bloopers, people getting hit in the face with medicine balls, and stupid quotes by experts and celebrities.

Well, the Internet could stand to do a minimum amount of fact checking, on occasion.

Another article of mine is now live. This one deals with supposedly bad predictions by famous people:

Top 10 Famously Bad Predictions Experts Didn’t Actually Make

Go get some facts injected into your bloodstream, to dilute some of yesterday’s alcohol already coursing through your veins.

4 thoughts on “Oh no, they didn’t (say that)

  1. “Everything that Can be Invented has Been Invented.”—That one’s particularly suspect. After all, one only need read your WTF series to see that. (I’m thinking flatulence-protective undies, Prancercize, and creepy dolls…)


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