Magical Science

Good news and bad news.

Good news: My fourth Cracked article is live!

Bad news: The only entry (about “captured lightning”) I have contributed to this co-write has been cut from the final article. This means that I’m one of the authors in name only. I’m apparently doing a good job of leeching off other people’s articles.

In any case, the article is full of crazy magic tricks that are made possible by science, fission flux-transistors, voltage saturation regulators, and other fake-but-sciency-sounding words.

Enjoy: “5 Amazing Magical Powers Created by Simple Science

On a side note, our honeymoon is coming to an end. I’ll be back in Denmark this coming weekend to pester you once again. Rejoice.

8 thoughts on “Magical Science

  1. Hope you had a wonderful honeymoon! I’ve missed your pestering.
    Now then off to see your author name… I’ll look at the article too.

    Interesting about the bikers in Copenhagen.


    • We did have an awesome time, thanks! I’ll make sure to pester you soon.

      The author name is glorious – it says “Daniel Nest” and all that jazz. Enjoy. Hope to see you blogging again soon!


      • Thanks Daniel. I’m just about ready to post, so I’ll be around.
        I really admire your blogging habits. You work hard and have fun- the way it should be.


  2. My older brother has always told me that it is not what you do, but who you know, that achieves success. After saying that I’m sure your ‘captured lightening’ piece was fantastic – perhaps it could be a post on its own?


  3. Excellent. Now I’ll know a thing or two when my magician son tries to pull something over on me. The shrinking coin trick seems right up his alley.

    By the way, have you made Pebbles and Django glow yet? Could make for some great Twitter pics… 😉

    On a side note, just curious about something, and given you live in Copenhagen, I thought you could tell me. I’m reading the 3rd book in Jussi Adler-Olsen’s thriller series which takes place in Copenhagen. He talks about a ‘war’ between bikers and immigrants there with numerous deaths. Did this really happen? Just wondering if he’s infusing real events into his fiction. I suppose I could Google it, but, well, I’m frankly too lazy, and making you work a little in Hawaii just seems like the right thing to do…


    • I’ll start working on making the cats glow ASAP. An opportunity like that cannot be missed!

      There have definitely been some tensions between the biker gangs (Banditos and Hells Angels) and immigrants. Nowadays they also have some immigrant gangs. I don’t know the extent of it, but wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few sporadic deaths. So, yeah, probably some exaggerated reality thrown into the fiction. Also, no longer in Hawaii, writing this from Vancouver, so your plan has failed. FAILED!


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