6 thoughts on “Careful what you invent…

  1. I’m sure you’re being unduly modest, Daniel. Congratulation on the article, one that cleverly (and humorously) illustrates how good ideas can be grossly misused – the pernicious interpretations of IQ particularly resonated with me.


    • Nah, I really only wrote that one entry, and it really did get edited. But that’s not to complain…it’s all part of the deal when you’re freelancing!

      And thanks, glad you enjoyed it!


  2. Call me biased but the loud speaker entry was the most interesting. (The whole article was really good though.)
    I just heard a report that extremists don’t care as much about reporters now that they can self publish their message on the internet. The danger reporters face is magnified as we’ve seen by the recent killing of James Foley. Advances in technology will probably always be used in evil ways.
    Anyway- congratulations on yet another writing credential! Well done.


    • So now we’ll all have to start regretting the invention of the Internet. Although with all the social media annoyances, many of us already are!

      Glad you’ve enjoyed the article, and thanks!


  3. Really great article. The IQ test misuse is so troubling. And those poor civets. Makes me want to set up a loudspeaker next to the bed of their abusers and crank Justin Bieber tunes to punish them.


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