A brief video break…

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. According to my calculations, that means a 10-second video is equivalent to a 240,000-word novel. Right? RIGHT?

I sure hope so, because then I’m about to drop a multiple-volume epic saga on your heads. Words are good, but sometimes me no want word much, so me do video instead.

That’s a lot of words to basically say one thing: I’m feeling lazy, so you’re getting some videos for your eyeballs in place of a blog post.

First, here is a video of Django’s failed balancing act:

Second, we have these IKEA shelves at home:

IKEA Shelves

I know. Perfectly neat and entirely ordinary shelves. Now here’s what happens when two married people are bored at home on a Saturday night and have access to a camera. No, it’s not at all what you were thinking, but I see why you’d go there. (And yes, I am painfully aware of the fact that most normal people are out in town getting drunk, dancing to techno, and having naked ice bucket fights or whatever.)

What can I say? We’re as creative as we are desperately in need of a social life.

12 thoughts on “A brief video break…

  1. I hate how much I love cats falling – as long as they’re ok! It’s so funny 😀 And they always do the perfect pretend-like-it-didnt-happen afterwards. (Wish I could perfect that!)

    And oh my god, the Tetris shelves are brilliant. As an aside, those types of shelves are pretty much my favorite thing ever. Why have we not always had bookshelves like this? I feel cheated.


    • Ha, yeah watching cats fall is a guilty pleasure indeed! And they’re always in denial about their own clumsiness, that’s for sure.

      I dare you to go to the closest IKEA store, get those shelves, and do a Tetris video of your own!


    • Yeah we’re quite proud of our semi-artistic achievement. We probably deserve a Nobel prize of sorts.

      And Django’s quite the character, for sure. Happy to share his clumsiness with you all.


  2. Love the tetris video… poor kitty… not nice to film his fall, cats get embarrassed when they fall… dogs love playing the fool… that’s why I love dogs. You and the wife are well suited to each other, but maybe need to make friends with other people… so as to have something to do on Saturday nights 🙂


    • Well I didn’t exactly expect him to fall at that moment, I’ve been filming him for over a minute before it happened. Although I’m not going to lie and pretend like I wouldn’t film him if I DID know he was going to fall.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Bravo on a Saturday night well spent you too and I adore your cat, though my dogs likely don’t share my passion – as always, thanks for sharing 🙂


  4. Ha, love the Tetris shelves. You and your wife are far more ambitious than the hubs and I are on a Saturday night. We just watch Breaking Bad instead. It requires no work on our part.


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