Memes are just like life

I’ve recently returned from a previously unannounced trip to Czech Republic, where we attended a family wedding. It went well. Alcohol was consumed, food was eaten, words were exchanged, fun was had. I managed to avoid embarrassing myself in public by walking into glass or fainting. So, all in all, a success.

Now I’m back, and I want to talk to you about memes. Memes are clever, aren’t they? Who knew that you could sum up so much of life’s wisdom in a single picture with a simple caption? How inventive!

What’s that? Memes aren’t a new thing and have existed for so long that everyone’s tired of them?! Nonsense! Did you see the one with the condescending Wonka or the grumpy cat? They’re laughtastic. Funnylicious. Other made-up words. Nobody could possibly get bored of them. Certainly not anyone on the Internet, judging by how many versions of each we have created.

There is, of course, one problem with today’s memes. They tend to be lighthearted and humorous, and they very rarely manage to accurately reflect the content of the pictures they’re captioning. I will not stand, sit, or swim backward for this. It is time somebody created the serious, grounded memes we all deserve. That someone is me. These are my somber memes. Enjoy. (Or don’t. You shouldn’t, really.)

I Don't Always


Depression Meme


FacePalm Meme


Gun Meme


GrumpyCat Meme


Surprised Old Lady Meme


Arson Meme


Troll Meme

11 thoughts on “Memes are just like life

  1. raeme67 says:

    I like that last one. 🙂 I want to caption my avatar…”Don’t look at me I am sideways and you may get a crick in your neck”. But it seems kind of long. Not my neck the caption.


  2. The grumpy cat one was really funny and I don’t think that was your intention at all. As a regular viewer and reader of your blog, I know that humor is something you tend to shy away from, sarcasm not allowed. So any humor I actually derived from this post was unintentional on my part. It just happened. I’m sorry.

    I too get migraines on my space travels and wake up only to remember my crippling depression. This will of course kill any unintended endorphins from reading your blog. Everything evens out. Or so I’m told. Think I saw it on a photograph somewhere….


    • Any humor in the post and the memes is entirely accidental and unintentional. Please disregard any funny parts of it. Thank you for understanding.

      Space travel is generally overrated. They don’t even have HBO transmissions up there. Can you believe it?! Baah!


  3. Here’s one for Michigan, U.S. in the fall…the picture with the guy from Game of Thrones…caption, “Winter is Coming.” That’s it, no punchline, because, well, winter is coming. Ooh, this is fun and could be a new trend…depressing, matter-of-fact memes!


  4. These memes might take the steam out of things, but I bet that’s exactly what Grumpy Cat is saying. Then again, with as famous as that cat is, he’s probably eating well. And has the best cat toys, too. Can Django and Pebbles say that? Oh, wait, yes they can.


    • Grumpy Cat is an inspiration for all of us. He could probably teach those spoiled brats Django and Pebbles a thing or two. Those things would probably be “bad mood” and “pessimistic outlook on life,” but it’s something.


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