22 more WTF Danish Halloween costumes

Ah, Halloween! The one day of the year when you can justify running out into the streets completely naked by calling it a costume. Uh…hypothetically. I wouldn’t know anything about being nude in Copenhagen’s main square on October 31 of last year. That’s slander and lies. Or, as the police records refer to it, “indecent exposure.” Hypothetical police records.

As always, Halloween brings with it shenanigans, festivities, and a bunch of silly, silly costumes. And many of the costumes available in Denmark proudly earn their place in the “WTF” category. I’ve already done this once before, but repetition is the mother of existential horror. So journey with me into the land of utter madness that is the Danish Halloween costume scene.

22. Naked Man

Naked Man Costume Small

A very authentic rendering of the male body. The level of detail here is unmatched. The carefully organized chest hair. The oversized, saggy skin that hangs loosely off the body. The giant crotch-eating worm with an Afro that’s attached itself to the man’s genitals (you can’t unsee it now).

21. Fat Killer Clown

Fat Killer Clown Costume Small

Eventually, Ronald McDonald realizes that the real killer all along was the diabetes brought about by rampant fast food consumption.

20. Santa Skin Suit

Santa Skin Suit Costume Small

“Ho ho ho! Meeeeerry Christmas, kids. You will never guess what’s inside the bag!”

“Actually, Santa, we don’t really want to kn–”

“It’s my face.”

19. Super Reindeer

Super Reindeer Costume Small

After Rudolf got bitten by a radioactive human, he gained the power of unlimited access to steroids. Seriously, this is quite possibly the absolute worst thing you could have done to a “Rudlof The Reindeer” costume!

18. Male Fever Rudolf Kini

Reindeer Mankini Suit Small

Aaaaand I stand corrected!

17. Zombie Traffic Lady

Zombie Traffic Lady In Yellow Costume

“Braaaaaaains! Braaaaaaaaains! I mean, use your braaaaaaaaains, this is the children’s crossing! Careful!”

16. Pinky Pig

Pinky Pig Costume Small

So many questions: Why does this pig have a human mouth? Why are its lifeless eyes boring straight into my soul? Why is it doing that weird “I’m riding an invisible motorcycle” mime?! Why is it wearing sneakers?! Why can I do nothing to stop these screams of terror pouring out of my mouth?!

15. Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy Costume Small

“OK, class. As you can see, the tibialis anterior is located just below…Timmy, stop crying…just below the…stop crying, Timmy…below the fibularis longus, which is the…Timmy! I said stop crying!

14. Waiter Skin Suit

Black Faceless Waiter Costume Small

“Some wine, sir? Riddle me this: What’s inside the glass on the left?”

“I don’t think I want to kn—”

“It’s my face.”

13. Jackie In The Box

Jackie In The Box Costume Small

This is actually a pretty cool concept, as long as you’re making that “I’ve just jumped out of the box” pose. However, the rest of the night must get kind of awkward. “For the thousand’s time: No, I’m not pregnant with SpongeBob SquarePants’s baby! Stop asking!”

12. Gangster Fat Cat

Gangter Fat Cat Costume Small

Say hello to my morbidly obese friend.

11. Stripper Kit

Male Stripper Costume Small

Epic douchey wink sold separately.

10. Baby Kit

Baby Suit Costume

Is that a doo-doo in your diaper, or are you just happy to…wait, don’t answer that.

9. Cereal Killer

Cereal Killer Costume Small

“Whoa! Cereal Killer? What happened to that ‘Killer B‘ guy?”

“I killed him. He was having far too much…pun. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!”

8. Naked Grandma

Naked Grandma Costume Small

Nothing gets the fun family conversation going like being vividly reminded of that time dementia made grandma do embarrassing things.

7. Mr. T Skin Suit

Mr T Costume Small

“I pity the fool who thinks my face looks like a Pikachu that swallowed a radish.”

6. Priest

Priest Costume Small

You can’t spell “blasphemy” without “orgasmic blow-up doll sex.” Or maybe you can.

5. Shark Victim

Shark Victim Suit Small

Cyclops?! Nooooooooo! They always eat the best ones!

4. Kiss The Frog

Kiss The Frog Costume Small

I don’t get it. What does that mean? “Kiss the fr…” Oh! Ooooooh! Yeah, real subtle, dude. Why don’t you just go ahead and simply slap something like “blow me” on there.

3. Breathalyzer

Breathalyzer Suit Small

Oh, for Dick’s sake! But hey, bonus points for finding a model with an uncannily appropriate facial expression.

2. Tree

Tree Suit Small

“…kill…meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…I shouldn’t…exist…”

1. Rubik’s Cube

Rubik's Cube Suit Small

“Solve me now to see what’s inside the Rubik’s cube!”

“Is it your face?”

“Don’t be stupid, man. This is just a costume.”

17 thoughts on “22 more WTF Danish Halloween costumes

  1. mamarific says:

    For some reason, the worst for me is the tree costume, even though it’s probably the least offensive. There’s just something really creepy about it.


  2. I’m still laughing out loud (in a horrified way) — these costumes were great/horrible! Wanted to post it on my Facebook page but don’t think most of my friends would appreciate it as much as I did… Why did people at work wear such boring costumes Friday?


  3. Vanessa D says:

    So many of my stories start like this – I used to work with a guy – but anyhow, I used to work with a guy and 364 days of the year he was quiet and seemed kind of shy. Halloween was a different story. One year he was a baby in a diaper – it’s very difficult to talk to a grown man when you’re sitting in a chair and he’s standing in front of you, naked except for an old sheet diaper pinned into something resembling underwear. Another year, he was a gumball machine. He had a gumball thing strapped to his front with candy in it. I think you can guess where the candy came out.


    • Ha! It’s one thing to know these costumes exist. But to know there’s a person out there who’s dedicated to actually testing them out, year after year…well that’s something else.


  4. I was laughing out loud reading this, so my 14-year-old came into my den to see what was so funny. I was on Naked Grandma when he came in. He just shook his head and walked out. I think I’ve (you’ve…) scarred him for life. Well done!


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