My first (and only) webcomic

I don’t draw well. Or at all.

If I had to compare my drawing abilities to something, I’d say they’re on par with a toddler’s very first art project on his parents’ kitchen drawers. Except the toddler has a better imagination and can hope to one day achieve greatness. Me? Not so much.

I was recently over at Pamo’s World, run by fellow blogger and comic-maker-person Pam. If you don’t know Pamo’s World, then head on over there right now…for your own sake…this post only gets worse from here.

Pam shared one of her very first comics with the readers, which led me to mention my (lack of) drawing skills, because I’m very good at making every discussion about me. Pam doubted that things were as dire as I’d made them sound. I insisted they were. One thing led to another, and now your unprepared eyes are about to get assaulted by my only attempt at ever doing something approaching a webcomic. You’re about to learn exactly why I don’t draw.

I draw inspiration (“draw,” ha, classic) from Pam, who usually centers her comics around her daily life. This one’s about that one time I bugged my wife into buying an awesome board game called King Of Tokyo (I’m a toddler mentally, too).

Webcomic Fail

Yes, that was done in MS Paint. No, it would not be any better if I did it by hand. Trust me. Yes, I did draw my wife like that because of my terrible skills. No, I don’t hate her at all. Quite the opposite, really.

This was officially my only webcomic. Let’s never speak of it ever again.

27 thoughts on “My first (and only) webcomic

  1. Christine says:

    Hee! Very brave of you to try something new. πŸ™‚ Me? The only class I came close to failing in school was art. I now stay as far away from anything visual as I can. Also: I too am an expert at making all discussions about me.


    • And you do it well! I once left an air pocket inside a clay sculpture in art class. It exploded in the oven and destroyed more than half of the other students’ sculptures. I was not popular.


    • And I’m a big fan of you Elaine! And you Daniel!!
      I too want more Nano!!! Between being a webcomic artist, working on your fiction novel, doing all your non fiction writing, and holding down a full time job…. you’re gonna be real busy.


  2. Daniel… This is AWESOME!!!!!!!
    I win! I win! I win! You do draw a GREAT WEBCOMIC!!!!

    You’ve met the two “rules” to draw an effective comic.
    Rule1: It must be clear.
    Rule 2: It must be entertaining.

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
    I win!

    Keep making it about YOU Daniel! You just made my day which was already going pretty good. So now- it’s double better. Yay!!!!


    • Whoa. Those horror-squiggles can be legitimately considered a webcomic? Things you learn. Be careful when rewarding my sucky attempts at mocking my own drawing skills. Imagine I turned to making webcomics fulltime? That’s not a world I’d want to live in!

      Hey, awesome that your day is doubleplusgood. Enjoy it!


  3. Ha! I love how your mouth bleeds off your face. Either that or you’re hawking a loogie.

    I loved your webcomic, and I loved your shout out to Pam. She’s awesome, isn’t she? One of the nicest people on social media. Right up there with you. πŸ™‚


    • Let’s not dwell on what’s happening to my mouth in those drawings…it will quickly take us to a dark and insane place. I will not own up to anything I’ve drawn. In fact…webcomic? What webcomic?

      Pam’s great indeed, which is why I now feel bad for bringing her name up under such awful circumstances….Pam, if you’re reading this, please forgive me for inadvertently connecting your name to the eye-assault above!

      Speaking of social media…I really should stop letting “post announcement” bots run my Twitter…I’m pretty terrible at actually being on there. Or Facebook. Man, why did I get into this?!


      • You, Daniel, and you Carrie are two of my favorite people out there in internet land!
        You are both highly intelligent, you are both very funny, and you are both extremely kind.
        And talented. You are both exceedingly talented!

        I win! I win! I win! Daniel CAN draw and it’s FUNNY!!!!
        (I’m not competitive or anything.)

        I’m on social media overload too. I’m pumping stuff out there and have no idea where it ends up. It seems ludicrous but I’m afraid to stop. Help!


      • “I’m pumping stuff out there and have no idea where it ends up.”—Ha, that made me laugh out loud. And your kind words made me blush. I’ll have to bookmark them to look at when my kids tell me my jokes are “lame.” πŸ™‚


      • What Carrie said. On all counts. Except I don’t yet have kids to tell me my jokes are “lame.” I have cats for that.

        And good point about social media. What have you done with all my words, Twitter?!


      • Your kids Carrie and cats Daniel love you guys! πŸ™‚

        I’m the lame joke teller in my household. I give Jeff endless opportunities to roll his eyes. We all do our part. LOL!


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