WTF Report: “Pok Pok Day”

Oh, Asia, you’re great. Really. You gave us “Gangnam Style,” vending machines with panties in them, and those adorable and not-at-all-horrifying creatures with TVs inside of their stomachs (TVtummies? TeleBellies?). You’re a nutty, wonderful country. OK, I’m being told that “Asia” is not a country. That’s crazy talk. That’s like saying Europe or Africa isn’t a country. Buy a map, people!

Anyways, we’ve come to expect wacky shenanigans from Asia, and Asia almost always delivers! Today is no exception. I have come across a YouTube music video in my Facebook feed. Although I’m not sure “music video” adequately describes this phenomenon. Maybe “artistic exploration of the limits of human sanity” is a better term.

Basically, this…thing…is what happens when you take “Old MacDonald Had a Farm,” add psychedelic visuals to it, and translate the whole thing into a mixture of what I assume is Chinese and gibberish. Like so:

If you gave up after the first few seconds of watching humanoid chickens—and I wouldn’t blame you if you did—I do encourage you to revisit the video from the 1:30 mark, when other animals make an appearance. That only made it worse, didn’t it?

Who’s the target audience for this madness? Surely it can’t be children. No child psyche is strong enough to withstand the visuals of grown men wearing severed animal heads. So, is it for adults with very specific fetishes? Possibly.

Most likely, however, this video is intended to cause the exact “WTF” reaction I’m currently exhibiting and generate clicks. In which case, well done, video, good job! I hope these viral clicks of outrage were worth it. Just know this: When future archaeologists discover the recording of this video and use it to conclude that our civilization used extremely advanced methods of torture, you will be the one to blame. You alone!

11 thoughts on “WTF Report: “Pok Pok Day”

  1. I can only assume that video was created to give people an acid trip without actually having to take acid. A drug-free way to experience drugs, so to speak. And now I can say I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a plump cartoon chicken in a bikini. One more thing checked off the bucket list.


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