Email Troll: “Your wonderful blog”

As you may know, I sometimes get contacted by content marketers. You may also know just how I feel about people contacting me without actually reading the blog first. Hint: not good at all.

Well, it’s happened again. I received another “cut-n-paste” request for a guest post. This time, I decided to give them a taste of their own medicine. It wasn’t the longest correspondence, but for what it’s worth:

From: Bipasha Mukherjee

Hello Daniel,

Congratulations for your wonderful blog. We are happy to see such an amazing blog. We wish you continue the good work and keep motivating your readers and the online community.

To let you know a little bit about us, we run a professional blog on latest eyewear fashion at [company] each day to keep the community updated. We are writing to submit our guest post to your blog

The article will include:

Article Outline

We’ve noticed articles on this topic are particularly popular with your readers. And we expect you to send us a positive reply on the same.

In return we are expecting a dofollow backlink linking to our website at [website].

Best Wishes
Bipasha Mukherjee

From: Me

Hi Bipasha,

Thank you for your incredible text. I was honored to receive such awesome words. I wish you keep stringing letters together and putting phrases into complete paragraphs!

To let you know a bit about me, I have a blog:

I also have a Twitter account which I rarely use:

My blog includes:

A sidebar

I’ve noticed that people who read my blog do better than those who don’t. So let’s be positive about it!

All the very best,

From: Bipasha Mukherjee

Thank you Daniel.

We would love to post a guest article on your website! 🙂

Best Wishes
Bipasha Mukherjee

From: Me

Wonderful! Oh, yes, most wonderful indeed. Splendid, even.

How old are they and what breed?

Sadly, I never found out what breed they were, because for some reason Bipasha didn’t get back to me. I bet they were huskies, though.

11 thoughts on “Email Troll: “Your wonderful blog”

  1. This line is so good Daniel: “I wish you keep stringing letters together and putting phrases into complete paragraphs!”
    Because it is exactly how the troll letter reads.
    Makes me want to send you a troll request just to play. 😉


  2. Until now, I’ve always deleted these comments immediately. But you seem to have such fun with them. Maybe I will respond the next time – and then I can blame it on you if I subsequently get swamped with such requests!


    • Thank you for your comment. Please continue to write amazing letters and words in your comments. They are wonderful!

      And I dare you to actually respond to some people. Hey, you’re hiding behind the screen…what’s the worst thing that could happen? (Famous last words.)


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