Click a button to go to space…

…well, not exactly, but almost.

Are you too broke or busy to travel?

Do you like staring at moving pictures on computer screens?

Can’t stand repetitive rhetorical questions?

You’re in luck: My latest Listverse article shows you how to “travel” for free by using your laptop and the power of the Internet.

So fly, my lovelies. Fly freely. Soar through virtual skies like eagles, without a care in the world. Lift yourselves above the…okay, you know what? Just go read the article. Here: 10 Exotic Places You Can Visit From Your Couch.

6 thoughts on “Click a button to go to space…

    • Yup, my wife’s from Prague, so I’ve been there too. I also snorkeled with the fishes in the Great Barrier Reef off Australia. Other than that, haven’t seen the rest of the stuff. That’s what webcams are for!

      Glad you’ve enjoyed the list!


  1. Good list, Niagara Falls is where my parents got married and spent their honeymoon, they returned for their 50th anniversary. I know you could care less about that, but your list reminded me fondly of my parents.


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