When your cat has secrets…

I was browsing the interwebz today, when I came across this photo of a random cat:


Image source: newslite.tv

“It sure is a cat, Daniel. Your eyes are functioning, and you’re still capable of recognizing simple shapes. Congratulations!”

Thanks for that bit of sarcasm, my overused joke device. Let’s move on.

Back to the picture. Seemingly nothing out of the ordinary, right? Just a regular old Internet cat.

But then…

…have you ever seen Django, one of my cats?

Yes you have, all I ever do lately is post pictures of him on all social media. But have you ever noticed how…

Django On A Step Ladder

Are you seeing it?!

Do I need to draw you a crude diagram with awfully-clashing colors?

“No, we get it, please, God, don’t draw any diagrams please no don’t do it just don’t I beg you please…” ?!

Okay, here we go!

Django Vs Internet Cat

Also: Same number of eyes, ears, and—presumably—tails.

I believe I’ve made my point: This is the same cat!

Don’t argue, you know I’m right.

I have just accidentally stumbled into a picture of my own cat on the Internet. A picture neither I nor my wife have taken. How do we explain this?

Well, I have a few theories::

  1. Someone has photoshopped Django into a random picture and tweaked it slightly to cover their tracks.
  2. Django has a modeling career that I’m unaware of.
  3. Django has an evil twin. Or…twist…Django is the evil twin.
  4. I have finally lost what little sanity I had and am seeing things that aren’t there.

Ooooor…maybe this is a pretty common pattern among house cats, and if we look closely, it will become apparent that—while similar—Django and the picture cat do have easily distinguishable individual traits.

Naaaah…I bet it’s the “twin” thing. Definitely the “twin” thing.

9 thoughts on “When your cat has secrets…

  1. When I saw the first photo… I thought WOW! Look at Daniel’s cat!
    And then I thought about your wife’s beautiful photography and figured she took that photo.

    I came to this conclusion in a half second… so I’m thinking I’m right…. Your wife and Django are doing photo shoots on the side. I’m sure they were waiting for the right time to tell you. But now… you guessed it… cats outta the bag!


    • You. Are. So. Right.

      All this time I’ve been so blind. They were snapping photos and putting them online while I wasn’t looking. And I let it go on. Like a fool. LIKE A FOOL!


    • He does have a certain “secret agent” aura about him…not sure whether it’s the tinted glasses he’s always wearing, the earpiece he’s always talking into, or the fact that he frequently says “I’m a secret agent” in a human voice that gives him away…

      There shall be no more sleep!


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