When you give a robot a samurai sword…

…there is no cheerful way to finish that sentence.

Robots should have no business wielding katanas unless they’re characters in a dystopian movie about the machine apocalypse. Robots should not fly, jump on water, or look like cockroaches. Yet we’re building automatons that do all of these things.

Playing God by making robots may sound like a fun idea, but as they say, “It’s all fun and games until somebody loses all of their limbs when a samurai robot goes berserk.”

Learn more about our future robot overlords in my latest Listverse article:

10 Robots That Are Learning Scary New Skills

2 thoughts on “When you give a robot a samurai sword…

  1. I think Spot creeps me out most of all. He took that kick like it was nothing. You say: “We can only hope that Spot isn’t committing all of this abuse to long-term memory.” That’s exactly what the robots on the TV show ‘Extant’ are doing to their human creators. Foolish humans to not see it coming. When you play with fire…

    As for Hubo, I’d love to be able to roll around on my knees like he does. Seems very handy. Unfortunately, if I tried, I’d end up with knee replacement surgery.


    • Yeah, right? You can just feel the rage building up after every kick!

      Last time I tried to roll around like Hubo I scared all of those kids in the sandbox and got a restraining order against approaching half of Copenhagen. Not doing that again!

      Thanks for reading.


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