Sometimes, propaganda is its own worst enemy

The day after MH17 crashed in Ukraine, I wrote this emotional post about Russia’s ridiculous propaganda versions of the crash and how Russian journalists toyed with people’s lives.

More than a year has passed. Not only did things not change for the better, but Russian propaganda has outdone itself, manufacturing so many separate explanations for just one single event that keeping them straight has become impossible. It’s like a nine-year-old’s story that starts out with a dog eating his homework and ends up with a dog eating his homework while he was late for a bus because his sick mother was kidnapped by aliens. It would be funny if we were dealing with a lighter topic.

How bad is it? I try to illustrate that in what must be one of my most heavily researched articles yet. It’s only been live for half a day, but it’s already receiving important feedback (all of these are real):

“Excellent report on multiple Russian attempts to distort and deny MH17 attack”

– Business Ukraine Mag on Twitter (@Biz_Ukraine_Mag)

“Pick of the day, regarding info-war!”

– Johan Eellend on Twitter (@balticmonitor)

“Well done, that’s a nice clear article on MH17, I hope more of the world gets to see this.”

– eyes21st1 on Twitter (@eyes21st1)

“Guys don’t bother reading this. After reading the introduction I stopped. Full of propaganda and writer is shitty. There are far better articles out there. You’d be better off reading Trump’s campaign speeches.”

– talkativeintrovert in the article’s comments section

And now, without further ado

10 Outrageous Ways Russian Media Covered The Crash Of MH17

4 thoughts on “Sometimes, propaganda is its own worst enemy

  1. If ‘Carlos the air traffic controller’ doesn’t sound suspicious, I don’t know what does. That’s quite the article. Well done. The comments are pretty interesting to read too!


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