On humans and monsters

Whenever tragedy strikes, we’re reminded that we live in a world of “us” and “them.” A world of humans and monsters.

Humans and monsters have nothing in common.

Humans are driven by love, compassion, and a firm belief that we all deserve to live in a better, more peaceful world. Monsters are driven by fear, hate, and willingness to hurt others in pursuit of their own goals.

To a human, every other life is precious and must be preserved. A monster thinks only the chosen few are afforded that luxury.

Humans heal, nurture, and open their hearts to those in need, whether it be a sick person or a refugee. Monsters destroy, murder, and bring suffering to those they despise, slaughtering innocents and setting asylum centers on fire.

Humans have the wisdom and courage to look past things that don’t matter—race, religion, gender—and see others as humans, too.

Monsters only see other monsters.

Perhaps the scariest part? We all have a monster lurking in us, waiting to point fingers and take anger out on others. The only difference is that humans have learned to silence that monster, while monsters have let it consume them.

Every day, you wake up with a choice: To give in to the monster or to continue being a human.

Keep making the right one.

You can help the victims of Paris attacks here. You can help refugees here.

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