Get your trivia over here…or don’t

Hello there, fellow Earthling and occasional reader of Nest Expressed.

How are you? Oh, really? No way! He did what?! That bastard!

I’m glad we had this talk. We should do it again sometime.

Also, I’ve started a little side project on a daily publication called “Gimme The Gist.”

My aim is to post a short piece of trivia every day. Then again, I once had an aim to slowly write a serial novel, and that stalled after two chapters, so let’s not get crazy here. No, seriously—don’t get crazy. Climb down from that tree, you nutter! I can’t take you anywhere nice anymore. Sheesh.

As I was saying, before your kooky shenanigans rudely interrupted my train of thought, I post daily trivia now. I keep each story ultrashort—200 words max, so you can get wiser in the course of a single trip to the bathroom. It’s the refined human’s alternative to Candy Crush Saga and Flappy Bird. But each post ends with a few links to other sources that give you more to chew on. Don’t! Put that down! I meant “chew on” as a figure of speech. What’s wrong with you?! You’re unbelievable!

This here blog continues as is. Nothing changes. We’re still friends. I’m just seeing other sites now, too. We were never exclusive.

So, if you enjoy trivia on a wide range of topics including cubic watermelons,laughter epidemics, and nitpicky rants about how Arnold Schwarzenegger accidentally helped the bad guy in Terminator 2, then maybe “Gimme The Gist” is for you.

If you enjoy sharing trivia with your friends, then maybe you should not wait for me to finish this sentence because you know what I’m getting at.

With that said, have a wonderful day. Happy belated Thanksgiving to those who celebrate.

5 thoughts on “Get your trivia over here…or don’t

    • I get stuff thrown at me all the time but for all the wrong reasons. One day, one day.

      I’ll never stop being surprised at how many people, books, and blogs you manage to keep track of. I sometimes suspect you’re secretly a group of speed readers posing as a single person.

      Also, thanks!


      • Haha, I’m actually a very slow reader. I don’t like skimming. I feel like I miss things. But I’m starting to fall behind. I find I can’t keep up anymore. But I’ll keep trying. 🙂


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