Mark Zuckerberg is giving me prizes!

Wow! A short while ago I talked about useless spam ending up in my mailbox. Today, I’m happy to say that quite the opposite has happened. Facebook’s own Mark Zuckerberg contacted me! And guess what? I won an iPad and an iPhone!

I’m feeling pretty lucky right now, because I’d never won anything like that before. Well, I once won a free scratch card by getting three times “Free Scratch Card” in another scratch card. It was a complex scheme, but worked out quite well in the end.

This is pretty exciting, so let me share a bit more about exactly how I found out that I’d won.

So I opened my mailbox to find this letter there:

It’s quite flattering to be called “Dear” by Mark Zuckerberg himself! I felt we were bonding already and I hadn’t even opened the letter yet. He also avoided calling me by my real name, to show that he’s sensitive about privacy. Then I proceeded to open the letter:

You may find it a bit suspicious that Mark Zuckerberg uses Hotmail and also has a cryptic email address that doesn’t have anything to do with his name. But, if you think about it, it all makes perfect sense. Can you imagine how much spam he’d get if his address was something obvious like “”?

Concise and to the point! At first he briefly introduced himself. I, of course, knew who he was, but there are many people out there who’d never even heard his name. Then he went on to describe my prize. Apparently Facebook has a partnership with “Apple company”, which I assume is the same as “Apple”, or at least a branch of it. I was one of the randomly selected people who were fortunate enough to have been randomly selected! It’s a lot to take in at first, but it’s a fantastic feeling!

There was a “CLICK HERE” link in the email. I won’t paste it here, because I don’t want any of you claiming my iPad and iPhone. Sorry, I hope you understand.

When I clicked the link my computer suddenly shut down. I was afraid at first. You hear things about viruses and hackers and such like. However, when the computer started up again I’d discovered that I now had a few really cool screensavers with Pokemon characters. Also, my browser had three new toolbars, which displayed all sorts of free offers and discounts.

How cool is that? Mark Zuckerberg is not only going to send me an iPhone and an iPad, but he also installed some uber cool software on my computer. Best thing of all is: I didn’t pay a single cent for any of it!

OK, gotta go, my computer wants to restart again for some strange reason…

Newton’s Apple

Short sketch written for a “Creative Writing” class. The exercise was to describe in detail a historical person doing something mundane.

One summer day Sir Isaac Newton was enjoying the sun in his garden. He sat by his favourite apple tree, savouring the warm breeze upon his face. Suddenly, he heard a thump nearby and saw a round object rolling slowly toward him. Upon taking a closer look Sir Newton realised that he was looking at an apple that just fell from the apple tree above. “My oh my”, he thought, “that could have hit me on my head, it could!”

It was positively the largest apple Isaac had ever seen. One thing he loved was apples. He loved that each sort of apple would surprise him with a new sensation of taste. Isaac knew that this one would not disappoint him. He stretched his hand to reach the apple, but realised he could not do so without moving his whole body. Lazily, without getting up, he pushed himself forward until his hand could grab the fruit.

He brought the apple close to his face, and examined it meticulously. He rotated the apple very deliberately, appreciating its smooth texture pressing against his skin, and squinting to see the minute details of its surface. “It is a beauty!”, Isaac concluded. He had always been fascinated by nature and its creations. For a few short seconds Isaac contemplated not eating the apple after all, so amazed he was.

Finally, with one decisive motion Isaac brought the apple up to his mouth and let his teeth sink into it. He took a large bite out of the apple and began to chew unhurriedly. He tasted the delicious fresh pulp and let the taste linger before taking another bite. With the next bite, Sir Newton closed his eyes and his mouth shaped into a smile. He leaned back against the apple tree and proceeded to take more bites out of the juicy fruit. As the apple slowly diminished in size, Isaac’s smile grew wider. He stretched out his legs and was by now lying down, with his head firmly propped up against the tree.

Once Isaac was finished with the apple, he carefully placed what was left of the fruit by his side. He rolled his tongue inside his mouth to collect the remaining bits of his tasty treat. He let out a loud smacking sound to show his appreciation, and then slowly rose up. His legs have been failing him of late, so this action came with much effort. Pondering upon the gravity of his physical condition, Sir Isaac Newton went on about his day.