Spring is here…not

You may recall that I’ve complained about Danish weather before. On several occasions. ┬áIt’s kind of a hobby of mine. Complaining in general is pretty neat, but bad weather is that one universally acceptable topic to complain about. It unites people across cultures and continents. It ends wars and turns villains into heroes. What’s that? No bad weather has ever done that? Well, that wasn’t my point anyway! I don’t even know what my point was, but that wasn’t it.

This year spring in Denmark has been especially bad. With the exception of a few odd warm and sunny days, we’ve seen rain and clouds throughout most of March. Until finally…

…Saturday has treated us to this:


That white flicker you’re seeing is not film grain. I’m using a digital camera, because it’s the 21st century and we have those now. What you’re seeing is snow. In April.

This may be nothing unusual in places like the North Pole, but I’m used to seeing a bit fewer frozen water particles in April.

How’s the weather where you are? Are you sunbathing or ice-skating? Or a twisted combination of both?