Awards: Take Four

Mere days after I’ve published my last “thank you” post for a blog award a certain Ella Medler hunted me down and attacked me with four new awards.

Now, I’m not saying there’s a global conspiracy aimed at drowning my blog in a sea of awards, but let’s face it – there is! I am tempted to open another, parallel blog, exclusively dedicated to keeping track of awards and writing about them.

But what happens if that blog starts getting awards of its own?! Will I need a third blog? Will it create a feedback-loop, opening up a black hole that swallows our Solar System?! Unlikely, but are any of you willing to take that risk?

So…yeah…awards. Four of them:

  • One Lovely Blog Award
  • Beautiful Blogger Award (don’t laugh, men can be beautiful too…on the inside…I assume)
  • Inspiring Blog Award
  • Don’t Do A Damn Thing Award

All of these can now be seen on the awards page.

Can I just take a moment to say how awesome I think the last one is?! Finally, an award created by someone who just gets me. You had me at “don’t do a damn thing” good sir/mam. Whoever and wherever you are!

I can easily do that!

Back to Ella Medler. Ella’s name may already be familiar to you, as we’ve exchanged awards and written on each other’s blogs before. Or maybe you have read one of her books – Martin Little: Resurrected? If not, I can highly recommend it, and in fact do so in this Amazon review. Ella, thank you for thinking about and nominating me!

The good thing about these four awards is that I’m essentially expected to do the same thing with each one – nominate 7 bloggers and share 7 random things about myself.

Instead of 7, today I will pick only a single blogger to pass all four awards to. It’s someone who has thrown blog awards my way before, but never received any from me. I will right this injustice immediately!

She runs a great blog that I read on a regular basis and leaves comments on all of my posts, which is awesome!

I’m talking about none other than Carrie Rubin.

Not only is she a great blogger she’s now also a great author. Her debut novel The Seneca Scourge is collecting excellent ratings on Amazon. Carrie, I know that you’ve received all of these awards from Ella herself, but repetition has never hurt anyone (unless we’re talking about repeated electroshock therapy). So enjoy the awards and please feel free to only follow the rules of the “Don’t Do A Damn Thing” one.

Can’t get enough of this award!

Now, the seven random bits about myself:

1. I hate umbrellas. There, I said it! I’m not afraid of telling it how it is. I get the concept of umbrellas and their inherent usefulness, but I’ve never had good experiences with them. I personally never carry one on the off chance of rain, for the same reason I don’t carry a shovel with me just in case I get buried in an avalanche.

Every time someone else offers to share their umbrella with me I end up having to walk uncomfortably close to that person, stumbling over them while their umbrella pokes my ear and lets rain leak onto my shoulders. Thanks, but no thanks. A hood will work just fine for me.

2. I hate formal wear. Suits, ties, tuxedos. It’s the most uncomfortable combination of items to put on your body, up there with nipple piercings and “willy leashes” (yeah, they have those). Thankfully there’s no strict dress-code where I work and there were few occasions in my life where dressing up was required.

3.  I hate coriander. It tastes like soap. It makes any meal with it taste of soap. Side note: yes, I know how soap tastes…I’m really uncoordinated when I shower.

4. I have a pretty liberal view on weed and similar light drugs, but I’ve never tried any myself. Additionally, to this day I’m yet to try smoking regular cigarettes. Yes, I am on standby for the Pope to grant me sainthood any day now.

5. I love essentially anything sweet – chocolate, candy, chocolate candy, candyfied chocolate. But above all – ice cream. I’m honestly surprised my teeth haven’t turned into jelly by now. That reminds me – I love jelly too!

6. I have two molars missing. One on the lower right, one on the lower left. Symmetrical as hell! Long story short: root canals, bad teeth, had to go. Surely nothing to do with point 5, in case you’re wondering. Ah well, more space for those wisdom teeth.

7. I involuntarily and automatically memorize most song lyrics. This is excellent for those a capella shower-singing sessions, but absolutely horrifying when I happen to listen to mainstream radio. Which is why, thanks to Gangnam Style, I now speak decent Korean.