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Oh mighty wind gods, forgive my foolishness

Remember how I made light of the recent Danish storm?

Well, it appears I have angered the wind gods, for they have sent a new, bigger storm to smite me.

Its deceptively innocent name is Bodil. While it may sound like an IKEA chair you bought for your grandma, make no mistake: Bodil is expected to last for as long as 24 hours and reach speeds higher than the previous storm.

Already now we’re locked safely inside our apartment with the wind raging outside. And when I say “safely,” I mean “in a state of constant fear over our windows finally blowing in.”

Our doors and windows are vibrating violently. The cats are freaking out.

Pebbles is now hiding in the bathroom, inside the sink, because she’s prudent and wise (and also a huge wuss). Django insists on staying right next to the shaking window and meowing at the storm outside, because he’s a goddamn idiot.

Seriously, I have now tried five separate times to carry that stubborn cat into the office with us. Every single time he runs right back to the kitchen window to check on the storm. If he was in a horror movie, he’d be the clueless teenager that goes inside the abandoned hut to take a shower, having just found out that three of his friends have been gruesomely stabbed there. Dumbass.

I do hope they build these windows to resist heavy wind, though. It’s a bit unsettling to watch the whole room vibrate like this. And it’s only supposed to get worse soon.

Wind gods, if you spare me today, I shall never make fun of Danish storms again for at least three days. Shit, the lights just flickered. OK, five days.

If anybody needs me, I’ll be in the bathroom with Pebbles, waiting out the worst of it.