So long, and see you shortly!

It’s that time of the year. My favourite time of the year – vacation time!

So it’s time to put on those shorts and get a tan! Or, in my case, get burned, turn red and then peel for weeks.

Tomorrow my girlfriend and I will embark on an epic(ish) journey to visit our families together. First stop: Czech Republic. Then Ukraine. Then Czech Republic again, because repetition is someone’s mother (can’t remember whose).

This means I’ll be taking a two-week break from blogging. I may throw a couple of guest posts on the blog to keep things alive, but you won’t be hearing my beautiful voice (or, more accurately, reading my beautiful words) until mid-August. You’ll have to instead peruse the archives for some yet unread posts.

You could also head on out to some other blogs instead, you traitor! To help you execute your betrayal, here’s a list:

  • Carrie Rubin – always an entertaining read and plenty of chuckles!
  • DudeWrite – where you can read a bunch of great posts by dude bloggers every week!
  • Ella Medler – writing tips and amusing musings. Alas, Ella stole my idea and is also leaving on a two-week vacation. Still, there’s plenty to read on her blog!
  • Michelle Franco – on the verge of releasing her second book, but maybe she’ll find time for a few blog posts?
  • Marty Beaudet / Martin Bannon – insights from a writer who travelled the world and learned way too many languages!
  • Rachael McGimpsey – funny commentary on the world, occasionally in poetry form!
  • Ria Majumdar – sometimes fiction, sometimes observations on life, always a fun read!
  • I can also recommend one of my all-time favourite comedy websites –

That’s it for now – see you in August! Avoid accidents and embarrassments if you can, don’t end up like this cat:

Short Break

Hello there! If you’re there. If you’re closer to here then “hello here”, I guess?

I have to announce a bit of a slow period on the blog for the upcoming two weeks or so. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Here we go, Daniel is yet another person to face the inevitable ‘blogger burnout'”. Also, you’re thinking “Holy shit! This guy can read minds! That’s either awesome or disturbing, depending on how he chooses to wield that power”.

Rest assured I’m not turning my back on the blog. It would be pretty hard to type up this post with my back to the blog. Unless I used an intricate system of mirrors. Or, like, one mirror and a screen inverter. As for the mind reading – sure, I do that sometimes, no biggie.

The truth is we’re facing a very busy period at work right now. Since Monday I’m working 11-12 hours a day and there’s a chance I’ll be putting in some hours during weekends too. No, I haven’t been enslaved by aliens to work on their dream harvesting farm. That’s a ridiculous thought and I don’t even know how you came up with that nonsense! You’re being nonsensical, stop it!

Anyways, you’ll probably see that I’m posting less and my posts are pretty brief. I hope to still get some guest posts rolling in the meantime.

“But…but what shall I do without your posts?!”, you’re asking, “they are all I ever look forward to!”. I feel your pain. I dunno, try filling your time with some understandably inferior alternatives for a while. I hear TV’s some kind of a thing people watch nowadays.

In May I’ll bring you more awesomneity, greatation and other made-up words! Stay tuned…