Chairman’s Choice

Did I ever tell you about DudeWrite? Ssssshh, it was a rhetorical question – of course I did! Once and twice and thrice. Well I’m nothing if not annoyingly repetitive, so here I go again.

I’ve participated in yet another round of DudeWrite last week and two days ago the results were in. This time I didn’t make any major splash on Twitter or here on the blog and instead quietly entered my “8 Key Ingredients of any Infomercial” into the line-up. This resulted in my entry being just as quietly ignored by the world at large, or at least ignored enough that it didn’t make it to any of the three top places by votes…

…but, one man didn’t ignore me. One man cared enough to give me one of the Chairman’s Choice awards handed out this week. This man’s name is WilyGuy, although my sixth sense tells me he has an actual name too. WilyGuy is one of the founders and editors of the DudeWrite initiative and it’s him I have to thank for this:

If you want to learn more about this week’s DudeWrite line-up and read the many cool entries by male bloggers, head on over there!

….what? Stop looking at me like that! Look, I know I’ve been half-assing it a bit lately – first a filler canteen post, then a post about my blogger’s block, then a guest post, and now a “look at me, I’ve gotten a new award” post?! What exactly am I trying to pull?

OK, so I’m not perfect! I’m pretty damn close (latest poll shows I’m around 98.37% perfect), but I have my moments of imperfection. I do expect to have something decent cooked up the coming weekend, so stay tuned.