Yellow Padlock

WTF Report: “Why are you closed?”

We all have problems.

Some are unemployed and looking for work. Some have a big test coming up. Some are wondering when mom or dad will change their dirty diaper.

And then there’s guy, whose worst nightmare is a mall that isn’t open:

I know. The guy is obviously unwell. On the one hand, it’s unfair and even disrespectful to make fun of him.

On the other hand, that’s a hilarious video, so screw it.

Allow me to highlight a few noteworthy moments that are worthy of your note:

  1. A random dude playing the popular “pretending to be a bug smashing into a windshield” game at 0:43
  2. Maniacal laughter at 1:45
  3. The “why are you closed” guy genuinely wondering whether the camera guy is “nuts” and “crazy”, entirely unaware of the irony, at 2:19.

The best part? The fact that the mall isn’t even actually closed. Please notice the people inside the mall right at the start. Also, check out the man at 0:12 explaining to his friend how to get inside the mall by going around the building.

Ah well, I guess it’s far more fun to scream at doors than to figure out how multiple entrances work.