You’ve probably heard me mention a few (or exactly 872, but who’s counting) times that Denmark is usually rainy and cold. Now another weather condition is asking to be added to my list – fog. It’s come down upon Copenhagen around two weeks ago, suddenly and unexpectedly (as opposed to the more polite fogs that have the decency to call and schedule an appointment). Using my trusty and utterly crappy mobile phone camera I’ve taken some morning pictures of this fog.

I believe the fog liked the attention, so it went on to re-appear a few times over the past few weeks. Today it’s been hanging around outside my office the whole day, hoping to model for yet another picture. It got its wish – twice. That means I’ve taken two pictures, in case any math challenged folks are following. After spending exactly zero time on making it I now bring you the world’s worst quality and most boring fog photo collage:

The only thing more boring would be a collage of inspirational quotes in Morse code

I’m not sure what’s happening with all of this fog. Clearly this can’t be just an ordinary weather occurrence, because then I wouldn’t be writing a paranoid post about it. No, it’s much more likely that this is what’s happening here:

Enjoy the nightmares!