Blogger Collab: “The Shoe Phenomenon”

Last week I told you about my blogger friend Ria and her groovy Picture Worth A Thousand Words endeavour of weekly fiction writing, prompted by pictures. Well, this week there were tons of shoes involved and I chipped in yet again.

Ria really started a piece that left itself perfectly open to a humorous conclusion. However, in a sharp 180 I managed to turn my back on my usual outright comedy routine and wrote up a more serious ending. I do unpredictable shit when it’s weekend time!

To read the full story and treat yourself to some of that Xmas spirit visit Ria’s blog right here.

Blogger Collab: “Aerial Invasion”

Some weeks ago my talented fellow blogger, Ria, started to engage her readers in a new and interactive way. Every Wednesday she starts a fictional piece, prompted by a curious picture. Ria only writes up a part of the story and invites her readers to complete it as they see fit. At the end these pieces are…pieced…together, creating a complete short story / sketch. This effort is aptly named Picture Worth a Thousand Words.

This week’s story was prompted by a picture of either a blimp hyper-realistically disguised as a cat or a gravity-defying cat from the future (they totally have those). I’m proud to have contributed to this somewhat crazy piece, which you can read in full on Ria’s blog: SpyglassViewer: Aerial Invasion

Stay tuned for (hopefully) more of these!