Jedi mind tricks

You’ve probably figured, based on my recent posts, that I have found a new hobby – making fun of signs at work.

Yes, it’s a very strange and specific type of hobby. No, I’m not going to stop! Yes, I have some serious issues. Are we done with this untimely interrogation? Can I move on? Great!

So today I was in a meeting room that had two doors. I noticed that one of the doors had the following sign on it:

If the sign says so, it must be true!

I tried really hard to believe the words, but my eyes refused to make the door vanish. What a weird sign! Couldn’t they just write “Don’t use this door”? Or was this a naive attempt at employee mind control?

But then I got closer to the sign and realised there was more to it, namely:

Worst. Portal. Ever.

Turns out I’m not the only joker at work.¬†Well played, anonymous rival, well played!