I’m back!

Cue the music. Stop what you’re doing. Unless what you’re doing is reading this post. In which case, carry on!

I’m back in business after almost three weeks of working long hours. My estimate is that I’ve been working 12/7 with only one day off since 16th of April, excluding 2 hours of commute per day. Yesterday was my last long work day. Also yesterday, through a magical combination of Murphy’s law and shitty timing my girlfriend left to Czech Republic for ten days.

I know it sounds like I’m complaining, but in reality that’s exactly what I’m doing…and that concludes the “poor me” part of this otherwise cheerful post.

Today is a day off, because Denmark is celebrating the Great Prayer Day. I have also celebrated this holy day by sleeping for 12 hours straight.  We are at our least sinful when we sleep, so that was really the only respectful thing to do.

I am currently continuing the celebration by treating myself to a fancy take-out meal. Fun fact, “fancy take-out meal” is a textbook example of an oxymoron.

Now that I’m well-rested, well fed and all alone for ten days I can get back to writing more words and sentences for you to read. I expect one such collection of words to make it your way as early as tomorrow. Stay tuned and stand strong!