Poll time: Guest posts or not?

You may be familiar with the multitude of prior polls I’ve run on this blog, such as “What types of posts would you like?“, the “Superhero Poll” and…well, yeah that’s about it. You are probably also familiar with the many guest articles I’ve been hosting recently. If you haven’t read a single guest post yet, go right ahead and check some out. Also, shame on you. And you call yourself a “fan who believes Daniel to be the best thing to happen to planet Earth”?! OK, you probably don’t call yourself that.

I personally think it’s great to have this diversity and different voices from some great bloggers out there. That’s just me though. What do you think?

As always, I give you the power to vote on the direction this blog takes. As always, your responses will be meticulously recorded, carefully considered and then completely ignored in favour of what I decide to do. Well OK, I do actually listen to your feedback, even though I believe that democracy is overrated and dictatorships are far more efficient. But until my world domination schematics are finally ready, I’ll have to play along…

I’m curious to see your votes. If you’re especially passionate about some specific guest posts, I’d love to hear which ones you liked most. Do drop me a comment below.