Guest Expressed: “How to Avoid Looking Like Justin Bieber”

How many of you have always wanted to look like Justin Bieber?! Zero? Yeah, I thought so! Well Stuart Green is here to show you exactly how to avoid such a disaster! Enter Bieber:

Bieber Fever

Justin Bieber is a funny kind of guy, at least in the way he is perceived by “fashionable” men. Anyone who wants to retain a shred of credibility and confidence in their “manhood” will probably call him every name under the sun. The paradox of people such as Bieber is that, because women fall over themselves to get a look at him, men try to ape the look in order to illicit the same reaction. This is despite not being remotely famous for anything themselves and in some cases not even knowing what “You Tube” is.

For others, avoiding the “Bieber” is an important task. How can you avoid falling into the trap, or altering your look just enough to get away with it?


When it comes to avoiding celebrity trends, the hair is always a tricky one. The very best hairstylists in the world and importantly, ones used by celebrities, are proficient at producing a haircut that allows two or three different styles to be used. Although you do not want to follow in the footsteps of Bieber, having one of these haircuts can actually be of great help to you, as you can wear an easy to manage matte product to help with the styling, and simply change it on the fly as you go.

The hairstyle is the thing that will link you most to any celebrity look, such is the publicity that even the quickest visit to a salon seems to engender these days.


This is where the celebrity paradoxes really come into strong focus. Although men everywhere do not want to look like Bieber, stores everywhere are reporting a surge in popularity in the Bomber jacket, regularly worn by the man himself. In fact, I would go so far as to say they are the trademark garment in his appearance.

So, the answer here is quite simple. To avoid looking like him, do not wear a bomber jacket. This will not be as easy as it sounds, however, as the surge in popularity for these garments is likely to see them featuring strongly in men’s fashion for at least the next six to 12 months. You may want to look at vintage track tops or blazers as an alternative, because everyone will be wearing them soon, with shops selling little else.

Taking fashion tips from celebrities is not a bad idea, except when everyone else is doing it. This will definitely be the case with Bieber over the next year or so. You have your work cut out to avoid becoming a lookalike by stealth. Consider any and all clothes purchases carefully, and pay that little bit extra for a haircut if you need to!

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