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A word a day makes life a soiree

Learning new words is good. It’s, you know, not bad. It’s gooder (?) than not learning words.

They have some places online that let you learn a word a day. That’s at least 14 new words per year, by my latest count. I decided to start using these services to expand my vocabulary and to increase the likelihood of getting beaten up by people who will rightfully accuse me of being a pompous smart-ass.

Learning new words has its advantages.

For example, had I read the title of this post yesterday I’d be all “a word a day makes life a soy ree? What the fuck is a ‘soy ree’? That doesn’t even rhyme. This title is stupid, Daniel. Stop referring to yourself in third person, Daniel.”

Now I know that “soiree” means a fancy evening party and is pronounced “swoa-ray” (because of course it is), so I can chuckle appreciatively at the rhyming and the infinite cleverness of the title while biting ever so carefully into a croissant made of unicorn dust and holding onto my monocle with one hand.

Yellow Croissant

I love croys-saints, they’re the best!

However, learning new words takes time and effort. I can’t be expected to learn a word a day and maintain a sporadically updated blog. I’m not a machine, people!

That’s why I decided to combine the two.

Every new post from now on will feature a new word that I’ve not known previously and that was randomly picked by‘s “a word a day” tool.

That’s not to say that all of my posts will revolve around new words I’ve learned.

I don’t hate you all that much.

I’ll write the stuff I’d otherwise be writing, but there’ll be a single new word worked into the post somewhere. The word will be inserted into the text subtly and unobtrusively, like a hippo having an epileptic seizure on top of an ant hill.

Those who spot every single new word I use in every new post will be crowned the “Extreme Champion of OCD” and win a trip to a shrink of their choosing at own expense.

You’re welcome.


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