Career businessman tying a tie close-up

4 simple tips for a successful career

This is it! Your first day of work. Soon, you’ll be the boss of this place. You’re a go-getter! You’re a jet-setter! There’s no one better!

Except, you’re none of those things. You’ve cheated your way through the job interview by simply quoting passages from Glengarry Glen Ross and Jerry Maguire. Your CV is just a printout of the first image that came up after you typed “Successful people CV how it looks need asap today lol” into Google.

Oh God, you’re a fraud! In a matter of days, they’ll uncover your clever ruse and find out that you don’t even know what a “Harvard” or a “university” is.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help. Following these simple tips for a successful career will help even a complete amateur like you climb the career ladder, one sham at time.

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