Stuff our canteen says (again)

You may by now be familiar with the unintentionally entertaining signs our canteen puts up every once in a while. Today I bring you yet another look into the way canteen staff’s confusion manifests itself.

Yesterday’s warm dish (aside from the main dish) consisted of a bunch of baked potatoes. They were whole, one-piece potatoes. You may know a whole potato to be the opposite of a mashed potato.

So, imagine my confusion when I saw this sign:

It’s like someone ran an English recipe for “mashed potatoes” through Google Translate and figured that he “mashed” part was plural for “potatoes”. Continuing that train of thought the person concluded that “mash” must be a single potato. When you bake it you get a “baked mash”. Logic!

For Danish speakers the above sign also offers some amusement, as each of the two words in the Danish part of the sign is misspelt. It says something like “bakeed pofato”.

So, the meal description part of the sign consists of a grand total of four words and someone somehow managed to mess up essentially all of them. I believe the correct Internet expression for this is “EPIC FAIL”.