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WTF Report: “Nice Peace”

Today’s WTF Report is brought to you courtesy of this Cracked article.


What happens when you infuse a happy, feel-good song with the childlike innocence of an old Japanese gentleman?

This…this is what happens:

Yes, that is an old man wearing a skirt and skipping merrily through a city, while singing a happy song in broken English. No, that is not a sentence I ever expected to have to write.

To be honest, this song makes me feel happy. I find myself humming its chorus and thinking of “nice peace” (as opposed to the more unpleasant types of peace). I look at the children dancing to the tune and think positive thoughts. But then I remember that the song is sung by a misguided old guy who flirts coquettishly with the camera and flutters his eyelashes at the audience. Talk about sending mixed signals! I’m not sure if I should flirt back or worry about ending all wars. You’re confusing, old sailor man!

Then again, shouldn’t we focus on the message instead? Clearly such a positive song can teach us all to get along and stop fighting wars.  Does it really matter if it’s delivered in such a bizarre manner?

Yes. Yes it does.

Nice Peace

Happy Friday everybody, nice peace to all of you!