Non-Canteen Written Gems

I have made fun of our canteen‘s failed attempts at writing on numerous occasions in the past.

But why should canteen get all the fame?! It shouldn’t, that’s why! (it makes sense, just go with it)

There are plenty of other misspelt and odd signs to be found at my work. For almost three months we had a broken soda machine with “OUT OF ORDRE” note on it. I guess you could still get your Fanta, Cola and Sprite, but a mysterious French drink called Ordre wasn’t available. Now the machine is gone, hopefully to be refilled with some delicious Ordre yet again.

And today I took a picture of this note in our coffee-machine/hang-out area:


The Danish part of the sign is a more measured “Show consideration, not everyone is on a break right now”. Whoever wrote the English part was so infinitely frustrated with all those people talking by the coffee machine that they didn’t even have time to formulate any coherent thoughts beyond an angry “Please!”. You can almost feel the rage there. It may as well have read “AAAAAAAAAARGH!!! COME ON, I’M WORKING!”

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today’s “filler” post, but I’ll be cooking up something good again soonish. Also, there may be a few more guests making an appearance. Until then…PLEASE!