Man On a Chair with Binoculars

Australian Amusements

You must be tired of hearing that I went to Australia, so I won’t be telling you more about how I went to Australia.

Although, when I did go to Australia, just two short months ago, I came across a couple of curious signs and things I found amusing. These I now share with you, in the form of screen-rendered visual representations.

I think regular folks call these “photos”.

Watch Out For Crocodiles

Ah, Australia. Beautiful beach, beautiful sea, a subtle “WATCH OUT FOR CROCODILES” sign. Bliss!


Drinking Consultants

Where have you guys been during my high years? Also, can I have your job?


Cow In A Tree

When the cops get there, that cow will have some explaining to do!


Gangnam Stone

Oppa Gangnam Stone?


Pool Open Spectators Welcome

I usually prefer my changing rooms and showers spectator-free, but maybe that’s just me.

Do you have photos of some funny or curious stuff you came across lately? What are your thoughts on shower spectators? Did you know I went to Australia recently?

Oh those Swedes…

Some days you just don’t have the energy to write a complete post. Or at least a complete post that doesn’t sound forced. This is one of those days for me. But I’m not going let that stop me from actually posting stuff, because denial is how I roll. Also, I’ve realised that I have forgotten to add a picture to my travel oddities post. And so I bring you a motorbike ad from Stockholm:

The best kind of fart, I guess?

And just when you started to believe my blog is all fun and games – baaaam, educational┬ácurveball: “Full Fart” means “Full Speed” in Swedish. Doesn’t make it less funny though, does it?