Now launching: Humour on demand

Do you know what I hate? I hate when people open their post with a rhetorical question, only to make a self-aware reference to it for the sake of a joke. Those people are the worst.

Hi, I am Daniel. You may remember me from such posts as Living with a Psycho Trilogy and Self-Defence Gadgets (Invented by Lunatics). As you can tell I have a certain fascination with those of us less sanity-endowed. In the relatively short time this blog was up I’ve been making fun of many people, from spammers to eBay sellers,  from commenters to fellow Googlers.

Now I’m looking for some new stuff to ridicule. That’s where I want input from you (or that guy right behind you! Ha, made you look! Classic!)

Have you stumbled upon something weird, outrageous or something that makes you question the general mental health of mankind? If so, I’ll be happy to hear from you in the comments. Send me whatever it is you want mocked and I’ll try to cook up an article doing just that.

If your topic gets picked I’ll give a shout out in the article…or a formal honourable mention, depending on how fancy you like your shout outs. So go ahead – let’s hear it!