Guest Expressed: “4 Products That Inspired Sarcastic and Funny Reviews”

You all know how much I love making funny reviews of stupid “products” and gadgets. Well, turns out I’m far from the only one (who knew, right?).

Today’s guest, Caleb Grant, discusses a few products that have inspired people to get creative with their reviews. Enter Caleb:

When most people think about online review sites, they tend to think that they’re filled with real reviews by real people that provide valuable insight to other customers who are reading them. Some people also think that most online review sites are filled with fake reviews that aren’t written by real people.

But there’s another type of review that’s gaining popularity, and it involves sarcasm and humor. There are certain products out there that are making such an impact on users that they feel the need to respond in a witty way.

In order to elicit sarcastic responses, the products need to be strange and uninteresting to most. The following are a few products that have elicited sarcastic and funny reviews.

4. BIC Pens for Her

BIC launched a pastel pen “just for her”. This pen has a diamond encrusted barrel for a more elegant look and a thinner barrel to better fit a woman’s smaller hands. People on Amazon are having a field day with this writing utensil, providing both sarcastic and humorous reviews on the product.

3. Luke Skywalker Jacket

This Luke Skywalker jacket boasts how it includes its Medal of Yavin, but it also prides itself on being authentic to the movie Star Wars. Like the BIC pen, users on Amazon are enjoying giving their lighthearted and fun reviews of a product. Some claim it to be a “chick repellent” and that it’s great for “walking through doors” or “nodding at your friends”.

2. Cat Evacuation Kit

That’s right. Someone out there thought that it would be a great idea to create a cat evacuation kit in case a fire, flood, earthquake or any other natural disaster occurs. The kit contains cat food and water with a five-year shelf life, treats, water bowl, collar, litter and scoop, ID tag, wipes, toys and first aid kit. You should not be surprised that this elicited sarcastic responses.

1. Horse Head Mask

Unless it’s Halloween, it doesn’t seem like there would ever be a need for a real-life looking horse mask. It’s actually surprising to see that there are more animal masks out there than just the horse, but apparently the horse was the only one that excited users enough to have some fun with their reviews.

It seems as if once  a product has earned a sarcastic review, more and more people start to fall in line to try and outwit the reviewer before them. While the reviews are not real and don’t represent how your product functions, it’s still a great way to get people interested in talking about you, and these simple reviews can do a lot for your business. Though most of the people who review the product won’t actually make a purchase, there are some who may be so intrigued with its uniqueness that they do.

If you want to get people talking about your product in a fun or sarcastic way, you first need to create a strange or obscure product that can create this type of response. In the case of sarcastic reviews, the stranger, the better.

Caleb Grant works recently wrote about spotting fake reviews and how to respond to sarcastic reviewers.