Scratching Post

If you build it…they will scratch

In a shocking turn of events that nobody could have foreseen, today’s post is…again about cats.

More specifically, it’s about our cat preparations. While some cat gadgets are undeniably insane, many are useful and even necessary.

Scratching posts are just such necessities. If you don’t provide your cat with some alternative scratching options, rest assured that your sofa will do just fine. We quite like our sofa, so we decided to get the upcoming cats a few good scratching posts. Our friend that’s fostering the cats was kind enough to get us a simple scratching post from the shelter. However, we wanted our cats to scratch in style, so we’ve done research and made a shortlist of a few cool scratching environments…

…only to make an impulse purchase today, while shopping for groceries. Turns out they had a very nice scratching post at the supermarket. It has now been dragged home, carefully assembled, and is awaiting the imminent cat invasion.

Allow me to proudly present to you…The Shreddinator 3000:

Cat Scratching Post Three Levels

That’s right, it even has a rooftop terrace!

To be honest…I think it’s way too nice for the cats to scratch. I’m currently looking for ways to shrink myself so that I can move into this palace. I’ll let you know if I’m successful.

Alright, I promise to tone down the cat post overkill. I’m just excited about the whole cat thing, in case you couldn’t tell. Could you tell?