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17 little-known tips for seducing your man

Do you want to seduce your man? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Almost everybody knows the well-known tips for seducing your man, but very few people know the little-known ones. So let’s change that.

Here are some little-known tips for seducing your man that are guaranteed to work. If they don’t, you have surely done something wrong.

1. Wrap yourself in lettuce leaves

Lots of lettuce leaves. Create a cocoon out of lettuce leaves and wrap yourself in it like a mummy. Lettuce leaves, known as “God’s Green,” have proven health benefits and may also possibly increase potency.

2. Use the “magic” touch

Extend the index and middle fingers of your right hand and run them gently across the top of his forehead. This is known as the “magic” touch, and lots of undocumented cases exist of remote tribes using this method to increase fertility and general happiness.

[WARNING: Incorrect application of the above method may result in dizziness, amnesia, and critical organ failure. This will almost certainly make you fail at seducing your man.]

3. Ask him if he’s trying to seduce you

This approach is called reverse psychology and will surely trick him into quickly getting seduced.

4. Quote famous movie lines

You can’t handle the truth!
I love the smell of napalm in the morning
I’ll be back!

These are just a few to get you started.

5. Dance the Charleston with him

Look at you two. Dancing. Soaring up high in the clouds, like two beautiful angels with propellers. Gliding higher and higher as if you’re made of the lightest feathers known to man.

6. Two words: mango peels

Seducing your man: Mangoes On Cutting Board With Knife

Mango. Peels.

7. Pretend you’re both tiny toy soldiers

Try to recreate some famous historical battles. Yell “Incoming!” and “Cover me!” and other military-sounding words. Make an obstacle course in your living room and see who can complete it faster.

8. Show him this video

It’s nice, isn’t it?

9. Cook him a strawberry stew with banana custard


10. Make him read online tips for seducing your man and ask him to pick his favorites

That takes the guesswork out of your job. There is absolutely no reason to make your job any more difficult than it should be.

11. Three words: The Big Lebowski

Everyone enjoys a good movie, so why not pick one that has over 8 out of 10 points on IMDb?

12. Cook him a strawberry stew with banana custard

This one simply never stops being delicious.

13. Sing

Singing well creates a harmonious melody with a pleasing arrangement of sounds, releases endorphin, and may elicit feelings of elation.

14. Ponder the meaning of existence together

What is life? What is love? Why are we here? Why are they there? Questions, leading to more questions, which in turn breed more questions. Chasing the elusive. Reaching for the skies. Guessing. Wondering. Emotions. Feelings. Thoughts. Words. Full stops. All swirl together in perfect cacophony of enigma and confusion. Embrace the inevitable. Fix what’s broken. Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat.

15. Bonsai trees are beautiful and pleasing to look at

Seducing your man: Bonsai tree on desk

They sure are!

16. Look at women in a Playboy magazine together

Some of them aren’t even wearing anything at all! This tip is a bit wild and maybe somewhat taboo. Not every couple is ready to take this step. Try to talk about it over some mango peels and see if you’re ready to make the leap.

17. Cook him a strawberry stew without banana custard

Men love surprises. He will surely appreciate your creativity and unpredictability, which makes this one of the safest tips for seducing your man.

There you have it: 17 little-known tips for seducing your man that you can start using right away.

Have these tips worked for you? Please let me know in the comments.