Which superhero is the most awesome?

Ever since I’ve started blogging I have been told by as many as zero people that my blog is all about me and my opinions. I talk to my audience, but I never listen. I tell them stuff, but I don’t hear anything they have to say. Well, this changes today! Today, my dear readers, I use the awesome poll feature I’ve told you about earlier to settle an age old debate. Most of us, when we were kids, have spent countless hours and maybe even got into a few arguments over which superhero was the very most bestest of all. Is Spiderman’s gift for being a big crybaby as useful as Superman’s fashionable underwear wearing style? Is Hulk more emotionally unstable than Wonder Woman? Does Iron Man treat metal in a more wasteful way than Batman when making his gadgets?

The problem is, back in the day we’ve never had the power of the Internet and social media to help us rationally and conclusively resolve such arguments. Now we do. Decades of revolutionary advances in technology have finally brought us to a stage where we can answer the most elusive and urgent question mankind has been asking for centuries: Which superhero(ine) kicks the most ass of all?

I bring to you the most ultimate of all polls. Everyone has a single vote to spend on their absolute favourite superhero. You are not limited to the answers I’ve provided below, they are just to get you started. If you feel that simply voting for your top superhero cannot possibly express how incredibly amazing he or she is, you’re very welcome to voice your passion on the subject in the comments section below. Also, if your superhero(ine) is missing from the list, use the “Other” option to answer. I can see all of the “Other” answers and will add them to the voting list on an ongoing basis. And now…ready, set, vote!