WTF Report: “Animals Of The Night”

Allow me to introduce a new bite-sized segment called “WTF Report”.

In this segment I find the most WTF things on the Internet, force my poor eyes to see them, then share the pain with you. Don’t thank me. No, really, don’t.

I came across the gem below in this Cracked article (read it, it’s awesome).

If I had to sum up the content of this music video in exactly seven words, these words would be “WHY DEAR GOD OH JESUS CHRIST WHY?!”.

Every single element in this video is well worthy of the “WTF” title, but I want you to take special note of the intricate choreography at around 2:45. That is, if you make it that far with your eyes still safely inside your head and your ears not leaking blood.

If both our cats accidentally got their tails stuck inside the coffee-grinder while it was on and I filmed the ensuing cacophony and general chaos with my iPad we’d still end up with a better music video.

Enjoy your Tuesday.