Nest Expressed celebrates 1 month anniversary!

No, I’m not one of those soppy types that throws a huge party on a one month anniversary . However, I do want to mark the fact that Nest Expressed has gone public just one short month ago. The blog is my pet project and I’m staying committed to keeping it freshly updated, entertaining and even occasionally informative (although don’t get your hopes up – I’m better at rambling than educating).

Nest Expressed is still at “infant-blog” stage and is cautiously learning to survive in the hectic online world. However, it’s gotten much love from the people who visited. In the past month Nest Expressed achieved these mind-boggling numbers:

  • Just over 6,000 page views
  • 12 dedicated followers on its Facebook page
  • 18 Twitter stalkers
  • 8 subscribers via RSS
  • A few dozen comments on the various posts

I want to thank everyone who has been reading my posts for your support and feedback! I’m in this for the long run and hope you’re with me for the journey. I always stay open for any topic suggestions and other recommendations from the crowd, so make yourselves heard if you want to see some specific content.

I’ll begin releasing “The Vietnam Diaries” very shortly, so stay tuned. In the meantime go ahead and browse the current entries and spread the word. I appreciate all of your support and involvement.

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