Two eighty-six

Two dollars eighty-six cents.

That’s not a lot, is it? Here’s what you can get for $2.86:

Two Mars bars
Half of a McDonald’s meal
2.5% of this ridiculously overpriced Kanye West T-shirt

Or…you could help someone make a difference in a friend’s battle against cancer.

I just heard from Michael Walker, fellow blogger and one of the founders of the retired

Michael’s friend, Kristin, is fighting against Stage 3 HER2 Breast Cancer. To support Kristin, Michael released a non-profit eBook – Her Special Day Shoes – which also happens to be his first ever self-published book.

50% of book earnings will go directly to Kristin, while the other 50% will go to National Breast Cancer Foundation. The book’s price? You guessed it: $2.86. You’re as smart as you are an awesome human being who’d help out someone in need!

You can watch this video by Michael, in case you think this is all a shady scam by me to score money for those Mars bars:

As someone who lost a father and both grandmothers to cancer…well, let’s just say I’m not the biggest fan of it. You won’t see me wearing a “Team Cancer” T-shirt. Then again, you won’t see me wearing Kanye West’s $120 T-shirt either. Maybe I just hate T-shirts.

Anyway, the book is a short, heartwarming read and you’d be helping a person in need. Yes, that rhymes and yes, that’s a great combo deal!

To buy the book, click these blue words.

To see more about Kristin, donate directly, or maybe leave a warm message or two, visit:

Help me help Michael help Kristin kick cancer’s ass. Sound like a plan?

33 thoughts on “Two eighty-six

  1. Hi Daniel,

    I just wanted to give you and your gracious fans an update on Kristin’s status. Thanks in part to your generosity and kindness, Kristin is beating her cancer.

    In her own words:

    “Well…friends and is with great joy that I share that my PET Scan showed no glow anywhere. No new spots of concern and the ones I had are no longer showing up. What this means is the Chemo worked and has stopped the Cancer. My course of action will remain the same (surgeries and radiation and such) but we have NO new worries. Even though I have been so nauseous today…it is a good day.”

    I can’t thank you enough my friend.




  2. nataliedeyoung says:

    Cancer is the worst. Lost both my grandmas to it, and countless other relatives. Good luck to the family, and I’ll be checking it out and helping.


  3. Daniel, this is a great cause. You are an awesome friend. I’ll spread the word about this.

    I’m wishing your friends strength on their journey.


  4. Kelly Hetzer says:

    Thanks, Daniel, for your support of Michael’s cause! I am sure Michael is overwhelmed with the support as is Kristin! Thanks for posting this! It is much appreciated!


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