Great deals for the math challenged

Once, while ridiculing Facebook, I applauded Amazon’s ability of targeting people with relevant offers.

Today I came to realise that even Amazon isn’t perfect. I know, I know, I’m as shocked as you are. It turns out Amazon are sometimes confused as to how value deals are supposed to work.

I was checking out some computer gam…ahem…serious books and other serious things normally purchased by 30-year-old adults. There was a 5-game bundle that was clearly a steal:

Yes! Why buy these items individually when you can just grab them all for a bargain price of…wait a second. One minus three, carry the two, multiply by the bundle price is higher than the individual price? What kind of game are you playing, Amazon?!

Well OK, I won’t be too harsh on Amazon. Most of the time they are pretty good at providing notable savings on products and clearly highlighting these. Like here:

3 cents off of a 300 dollar purchase? How can I lose?!

I’d love to stay and blog, but I’m afraid I’ve got some burning online deals to make!

8 thoughts on “Great deals for the math challenged

  1. Cracked me up! Amazon must be sharing a calculator with WalMart, who habitually has a “roll back” price HIGHER than the original price. Sigh… Must be a hiring qualification. 🙂


  2. What puzzles me is how/why they put the price of my book up? They asked me once what I wanted the price to be, I told them, like a good little author I am, just before I clicked on ‘publish’! They wouldn’t be getting ready for Christmas deals, cashing up in advance, would they? (Damn, my British cynicism shining through again!)


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