Guest Expressed: “Basketball – Why Do It Like Everyone Else?”

We’ve seen crazy houses, crazy sofas and crazy bathrooms before. Today Meg Jones returns to point out that basketball has a few crazy tricks up its sleeve too. Enter Meg:

Basketball, like so many sports, is loads of fun to watch and even more fun to play.

Whether your style is street ball with the guys or a serious, by-the-book game with an organized team, shooting hoops takes on a whole new meaning when you have access to some wild and crazy basketball courts like these:

Floating Courts

Work up a thirst playing basketball? Try surrounding yourself with an ocean while you play. On this Disney cruise ship, basketball lovers can shoot hoops while taking in some sun and getting a good look at the waves and the wide-open sky.

Kids playing on a cruise ship.

License: Creative Commons (image source)

Another, even more extreme, floating court is the one that was specially constructed aboard the USS Bataan, an assault ship. In November of 2012, this court was used for a game between Georgetown and the University of Florida. Hopefully the players had time to find their sea legs before the game started!

Basketball on an aircraft carrier.

License: Creative Commons (image source)

Desert Court

The polar opposite of the floating court would have to be the desert court. Surrounded by sand and burning sunlight, this court is a basketball lover’s oasis. But you’ll want to pack extra water bottles when playing on this one!

The Matthew Knight Arena

College sports fans shouldn’t be too surprised that the University of Oregon would choose something flamboyant and out-of-the-ordinary for their new basketball arena, the Matthew Knight Arena. The new court, which was opened for use in January of 2011, features a floor design that has been facetiously accused of causing retina damage. The pattern pays homage to the Oregonian woods, featuring silhouettes of tree lines that extend around the entire perimeter of the court. No one can accuse this court of lacking character.

The Ducks court, with trees on the floor.

License: Creative Commons (image source)

Geometric Courts

For those who like to break the mold of the mundane, these courts should satisfy. Dubrovnik, Croatia is home to this strange basketball court, which looks more like a series of half courts situated at odd angles. Playing a full game here could get a little tricky.

Basketball court in small, mountainous city.

License: Creative Commons (image source)

And if that’s not unconventional enough for you, try this court in Munich on for size. The basketball court is regulation-sized, but that’s got to be the only thing “regulation” about it. It features a 3D terrain of rolling bumps and small valleys as well as lamp posts dotting the court. Modern art plus basketball? We think, yes; although, actually playing on this court could be potentially hazardous. Supposedly, it requires “creative engagement” for its use.

3D basketball court.

License: Creative Commons (image source)

Meg Jones writes for Robbin’s Sports, a company that provides basketball backboards for exciting play wherever you are.

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