It’s raining cats and…yeah, just cats

It’s official: we’re getting cats. Plural. Two. Two cats. We’ll have two cats in the house soon. OK, I think I made it clear enough.

We’ve entertained this idea for a while now. Maybe a year or so. The timing was just never quite right. Considering our then-upcoming trip to Australia we didn’t want to leave young kittens with someone else for five whole weeks.

Frankly, we weren’t supposed to be getting kittens until after the wedding later this year, but I guess fate has a funny way of  being used as a clichéd explanation for spontaneous decisions, whenever people feel there’s “a sign”. What a mess of a sentence, but I’ll be damned if I go back to edit it.

A friend of ours works at a cat shelter. It just so happens that she’s currently fostering four kittens and their mother, until the kittens are old enough to be adopted. Two of them have already been spoken for, leaving two “up for grabs”. Do you see where this is going? Good.

So let me cut right to the chase.

Meet the lady, Pebbles:

Pebbles the cat


And the dude, Django:

Django the cat

‘Sup, yo!

Do you know what this means? Apart from the obvious answer that “we’ll have cats at home”.

It means that I’m about to turn into “that type of blogger”. The one with occasional photo updates and wacky cat stories. Maybe even Youtube videos. That’ll be something new, right? They don’t have any cats on Youtube, do they?

Until we have a baby, that is. Then I’ll turn into the daddy blogger writing about poop and diapers. There’s so much to look forward to!

We don’t actually get the cats until late May. They have to stay with their mother until they’re at least 12 weeks old. However, we intend to visit them on a weekly basis to monitor their progress and gather embarrassing pictures for posterity.

While you wait for the wacky cat stories, may I suggest you check out a wacky “Kat” story about my girlfriend that I just posted on Why should I be the only one being made fun of in my “memory lane” series?


How about all of you? What are your views on cats, dogs and diaper stories? Are you a dog person or a cat person? Do you believe there’s such a thing as a “dog” or “cat” person, or are you, like me, simply an “animal” person? Are animals people? Was this way too many questions?

23 thoughts on “It’s raining cats and…yeah, just cats

  1. flyingplatypi says:

    There are basically 2 types of cats…

    1. The snuggle puss that just wants to sit in your lap all the time and purr…. And
    2. The absolutely insane cat that is either trying to take over the world, or kill you… Or both.

    I have one of each currently in my home. They are going and yang… Good vs evil.. I wish you much luck on you upcoming battles. ;0)




    • I’m afraid, based on our observations so far, that these two are both 2). So there’ll just be yang squared. If you don’t hear from me in June, you’ll know what’s up!


  2. I am sure the your unique humor and perspective on things that we all deal with: marriage, parenting, pets, etc. will be just fine. Since you are an excitable and curious individual for you, no, that was not too many questions. 🙂 I didn’t used to be a ‘dog person’ until I was given a dog. He’s little so he’s manageable and doesn’t fill up the house with big dog stink. He recently peed on my bed, and that was a head-shaker. I can only assume I waited too long to take him out and that I made him nervous when I asked him to move his chewie toy off my blanket because he slobbers when he chews and that’s just gross. I washed the blanket, and made sure to take him out in a more timely fashion so he won’t pee when nervous. It’s a random thing he does, and I pee when I have a sneezing fit, (tmi? This is what happens when you ask so many questions) so I am not going to be judgmental. It was a good reminder that he IS dog and thinks/acts according to dog rules. Prior to my dog, I preferred cats, my dog is fascinated with cats too so I think he and I have that in common. We share the planet with animals, so I am an animal person, but I like animals that can interact with me and have personality. I am appalled at how portions of humanity treat what it ought to have good stewardship over, planet/animals, with cruelty and abuse~so I am ever more appreciative of the little spirit my doggie contains. 🙂 I am looking forward to hearing your stories.


  3. Gorgeous kittens!

    Prior to having children, Mrs Jones and I worshiped a cat called Sylvester, a feral cat we rescued from my brother’s farm (my brother was about to shoot him!). Looking back, Sylvester was a child substitute. When he died, we immediately decided to have kids.

    By the time we had two children (and I’d had the snip) we got a dog.

    Your future is mapped out , Daniel!


    • I think these cats, as cute as they undoubtedly are, will be no be substituting any kids. They’ll all just have to learn to co-exist – kids and cats together 🙂

      Future is mapped out indeed, sir…it’s bright and orange, or something!


  4. raeme67 says:

    Just when I had you down as a bad ass blogger, you surprise me with cats and threats of upcoming daddy blogging, if it must be, it must be… 😉 – I am sure, it will be entertaining as always…. The cats are adorable.


    • Yeah, it must be a bit schizophrenic of me to post profanity-laden rant one day and then an overload of adorableness the next. What can I say, I’m bi-polar!

      And thanks, I’m sure the little ones will bring lots of blog material with!


  5. Kianwi says:

    Aw, kittens!! At least you can’t be acccused of being a crazy cat lady 🙂 Personally, I am highly looking forward to cat stories, and baby stories, too!


    • That’s right, I prefer “that insane cat guy”, please. Thank you.

      Ha, good you’re looking forward, I’ll try not to disappoint. Better start teaching them tricks, like wearing tiny dresses and drinking from tiny teacups. Don’t tell PETA.


  6. I always knew you would end up a crazy cat man…

    Love the name choices, especially Django. He’ll be the coolest cat ever. We’d love to be able to have a pet, but my husband is too allergic. We had a dog for 8 days, but when my husband had to get an inhaler and could barely breathe, he went to the allergist. Oops. Big reaction to dogs (and cats). Abby had to go. My boys were not happy, and they never let my husband forget it. My youngest keeps a framed, 8X10 pic of the dog on his desk, just to torment my husband. Sometimes he brings it down to the kitchen for special effect.

    By the way: “What a mess of a sentence, but I’ll be damned if I go back to edit it.”—That made me laugh out loud. Especially coming from a self-proclaimed OCD guy…


    • Yeah I kind of have that “crazy cat man” thing written all over my blog, don’t I?

      I’m happy with Django too. We had “Louie” planned as a second name, but I doubt that makes for a good girl cat name. Pebbles is inspired by an injured Koala we have met at the Koala Hospital in Australia.

      That really sucks that your husband is allergic. I’d be very upset if I couldn’t have pets. I grew up in a household with two dogs, a bunch of cats, rats, hamsters, birds, etc. My mom even has a horse, although it’s thankfully not in the apartment. I can’t really imagine NOT having a pet at some point.

      We’d like a dog, but it’s sadly not possible with our current lifestyle. The poor dude(ette) would have to survive alone for too many hours at a time. Much easier with two cats who can entertain each other in our absence.

      Happy to make you laugh 😉


      • The weird thing is, my husband grew up with dogs. You’d think he’d be sensitized. He’s taking the reverse path–instead of being a nerdy, sneezy kid, he’s now a nerdy, sneezy man. 😉


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