Brain Science or Science Fiction?

Brains are pretty damn awesome, no matter how you look at them. That’s not an invitation for you to start literally bashing people’s skulls in and looking at their brains…what’s wrong with you?!

Your brain is nothing short of amazing. I use “you” in the general sense, by the way. Yours specifically may be all kinds of horrific things. After all, you were just thinking of cracking people’s skulls open earlier, so that tells you something.

But I digress. It turns out that scientists, as we speak, are hard at work finding ways to make science fiction a reality. And they’re looking into brains, too. Without further ado, head on over to and read my article on the subject:

10 Mind-Bending Sci-Fi Advancements In Brain Science

12 thoughts on “Brain Science or Science Fiction?

  1. Great article, Daniel.

    I’m in the process of having a go at submitting something for Listverse. Like all paying markets, it is clearly very competitive. I’ve read all the guidelines, but do you have any insider tips you’d care to share??


  2. Enough material there for at least ten different sci-fi novels! If only I had the time. Hey! How about an article about time travel next? Or one on how to stretch the 24 hours in the day, so we can fit more in?


  3. Jhale says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Although I already received this article, I think it is one that very many people wish to see and I hope that it spreads well!


  4. What? My dreams can be manipulated? Where do I sign up? Where? I’ll take best-selling author please. Oh, and lots of chocolate, trips all over the world, and oh, what the heck, throw in Daniel Craig, too.

    But in all seriousness, that prosthetic brain possibility is fascinating. Just imagine how much good that could do.

    Very interesting article and well done as always. How you find time to work, love your wife, and appease your cats is beyond me.


    • Wife? Who is this wife you speak of? But speaking of finding time – you manage to write novels, keep up with all of our blogs, and take care of a home with two teenagers…so you tell me!

      And yeah – would be awesome to just order dreams on demand!

      There are plenty of really curious developments, hopefully at least some of them are made real soon.


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