Thanks for showering!

OK, so our canteen is not the only source of unintentional comedy at work. We also have a fitness room, where we can do all sorts of fitnessy stuff.

Next to the fitness room are showers. There’s a sign that helps you identify them as such, except it’s been made by a person who’s never seen a shower before.

Here, see if you can spot the error:

Timmy stood there patiently for hours, hoping that the shampoo would eventually stop dissolving his eyes

If that was a real shower it’d be either the most elaborate prank ever pulled or the pinnacle of insane engineering.

9 thoughts on “Thanks for showering!

  1. BakedAlaskaInOr says:

    Actually, I thought the symbol on the door indicated a flood light. I would’ve been shocked to have opened the door and seen naked people standing under a flooded loft floor, waiting for the water to overflow onto their heads. Funny post. :)) NestExpressed 


      • BakedAlaskaInOr says:

         @Daniel Nest
         Just think of the money they could’ve saved. That big sparkly ball was expensive! I’m imagining John Travolta dancing. Oh wait…Let’s get Abba, singing “Dancing Queen,” under that flood light, that would one day turn into a shower head. :)))


  2. Michelle Dear says:

    During the fake bird flu outbreak here in the states, and even  now, they put up signs in every government and corporate office building.  The signs? Instructions on how to wash your hands. And of course, they are all pictures.  Just in case you can’t read.


  3. guilie172 says:

    Hahahaha… Love it! My father was a graphic designer, and he always said making these indicator signs was a tough job. I never understood why–how hard can it be to abstract something into its functional essence, after all? But now I understand what he meant 🙂


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